Curriculum Vitae

I received my PhD from Tilburg University in 1995 with a dissertation on presupposition and anaphora; in 1998 CSLI Publications (Stanford) published an updated version of my thesis. After obtaining my PhD, I joined the Institute for Perception Research (IPO), then a joint institute of Philips Research and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), where initially I worked on the use of language and speech technology in the car. Here I also started working on natural language generation (especially referring expression generation), and later on (audiovisual) prosody as well. In 2001 I returned to Tilburg University, where I became a full professor in 2007. In Tilburg I continued working on referring expression generation and audiovisual prosody, with side interests in multimodality, emotion, gesture and paraphrasing. I currently run an NWO Vici project which combines many of my interests.

My full CV (PDF)